Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sneaky Chocolate Cake

The other day, a friend and I were talking about likes and dislikes and my hubby made it clear that he HATES anything mayonnaise. But I knew if it was in a cake, he's never know the difference. I googled "chocolate mayonnaise cake" and found a fantastic one on Food Network. I made it with a peanut butter frosting and guess who's been eating the most of it!?! You can check out the link for the recipe yourself but here's a few changes I made-
I used 3/4 cup sugar instead of the full cup (knowing the it would be sweet enough with frosting added to it)
I don't have cake flour so I just used all-purpose flour.
I up-ed the cocoa powder to 3/4 cup to give it a richer flavor.
I don't have buttermilk so used milk
instead of sweetened whipped cream, I made up a peanut butter frosting.

The recipe doesn't call for eggs or oil because the mayonnaise does that job for you. The batter looked more like brownie mix and was difficult to spread in the pan, but it rose like cake and tasted like cake :)

I am currently use an over-sized toaster oven and at times I only have the bottom heater on or both bottom and top, keeping my eye on whatever is in there at the time. I hear it's hard to bake something all the way through without burning the edges. Try doing a little broiler during the middle of baking time, turning it back off and the bottom on back to finish the job. Just an idea- my quick breads, cakes, brownies always turn out wonderfully in the toaster oven, alternating heaters.

This is a great chocolate cake- dense and moist.

If you decide to make any of my recipes,
I would love to hear of any changes you make/ideas you have!

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  1. very clever. I keep ropes and things from bags and stuff too.