Friday, June 18, 2010

Blended Fruit "Duo Duo"

Ideal Meals for the “Wai Guo Ren” (Foreigner)
Living in Taiwan for a few years has taught me how to make foods I am familiar with back home but with limited resources and on a budget. If you have access to a COSTCO, than your options broaden, but for the most part, we eat simply and this recipe is a part of a collection for the American teachers living in Taiwan with a simple stove, toaster oven and small grocery store in town.

Today’s Recipe: Blended Fruit “Duo Duo”- Serves 2

The fun thing about this recipe is how creative you can be. People are always giving us fruit that’s in season and sometimes we just have way too much to eat while it’s fresh. I freeze lots of bananas before they go brown and will blend them up with milk and chocolate syrup or peanut butter. It’s a real creamy treat! But stores have a variety of drinkable yogurts which add a delightful flavor to any smoothie.

Items Needed:
  • Blender
  • Cutting board and knife
  • Two large glasses
  • A suntan

Ingredients Needed:
1 ½- 2 cups of any variety of frozen fruit. I love using bananas and mangoes but whatever is in season will work. If you use frozen fruit, you won’t have to look for ice cubes!
2 cups of Drinkable Yogurt (see picture), juice or milk.

1. Cut frozen fruit into smaller pieces
2. Pour your choice of liquid in the blender
3. Add fruit and blend until smooth

This is DELICIOUS on a hot day and we have plenty of those here in Taiwan!

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  1. GREAT idea! I'll try this during this HOT humid summer here. I am enjoying your "foreigner food" series! :D