Thursday, July 29, 2010

I came across a fun website called Jim's Pancakes. He makes all sorts of amazing creations! I think you might have to be a little artistic to be able to do some of these but He has a video tutorial on Youtube which was helpful and I totally want to try it sometime!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Canvas Craze

We found an apartment and will be moving in this weekend. I am really excited and overwhelmed with having to figure out how to set up and arrange everything in the house. So I skipped that for now and went on to wall hangings : )

Lately I have been dreaming of the idea of trying my hand at canvas painting- I am NOT a painter but I think it would be awesome to hang artwork in my living room that I did myself. I love the ones that use more than one frame and size. I was browsing online and found some that I just loved!

I love and saw that shannacreations paints and sells them. This blue sky/ tree is my favorite AND my inspiration!

Maybe I'll do a picture collage of my little family in black and white on different sized canvas pieces and use this (below) as an example.

Here's to another new beginning for my family!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apple Dumplings

I have always wanted to make these but it was difficult to find lard or Crisco in Taiwan for the crust. But now I am back in the land of opportunity so I bought a few ready-made crusts for this adventure. I followed a recipe from which was very easy. The only thing I did differently was rolled the peeled apples in a cinnamon-sugar mixture before folding the pie crust around them and sprinkled the extra on top. I did used Granny Smith apples for an extra "kick" but I'm pretty sure any apple will do.

I am also having a lot of fun using a HUGE oven which cooks large amounts of food in a short time. It was good for me to use our toaster oven for a few years and figure out what can be done in one, but I am so thankful for the American oven :)

Ladies, there's a blessing to add when you're counting them!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Felt Food Infatuation

I took the little felt foods that Lily made for Savannah to a friend's house today knowing that there were going to be 6 other little kiddos who would like to play with them. Boy! They were a hit!! And the moms got to talking that they have seen them for sale but extremely expensive.

I am now counting my blessings and maybe even sometime I'll try my hand at making a few more. I came across a site called Modern Kiddo that had a lot of good ideas. Check these pics out!