Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Canvas Craze

We found an apartment and will be moving in this weekend. I am really excited and overwhelmed with having to figure out how to set up and arrange everything in the house. So I skipped that for now and went on to wall hangings : )

Lately I have been dreaming of the idea of trying my hand at canvas painting- I am NOT a painter but I think it would be awesome to hang artwork in my living room that I did myself. I love the ones that use more than one frame and size. I was browsing online and found some that I just loved!

I love and saw that shannacreations paints and sells them. This blue sky/ tree is my favorite AND my inspiration!

Maybe I'll do a picture collage of my little family in black and white on different sized canvas pieces and use this (below) as an example.

Here's to another new beginning for my family!

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  1. so excited for you guys and can't WAIT to come see your new place!!!