Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apple Dumplings

I have always wanted to make these but it was difficult to find lard or Crisco in Taiwan for the crust. But now I am back in the land of opportunity so I bought a few ready-made crusts for this adventure. I followed a recipe from which was very easy. The only thing I did differently was rolled the peeled apples in a cinnamon-sugar mixture before folding the pie crust around them and sprinkled the extra on top. I did used Granny Smith apples for an extra "kick" but I'm pretty sure any apple will do.

I am also having a lot of fun using a HUGE oven which cooks large amounts of food in a short time. It was good for me to use our toaster oven for a few years and figure out what can be done in one, but I am so thankful for the American oven :)

Ladies, there's a blessing to add when you're counting them!

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  1. Oh, yum. I had apple dumplings for the first time last summer and totally fell in love. Not brave enough to try them yet though!