Monday, June 7, 2010

My Recycled Red VAAASE

I love fresh flowers!

I found myself buying too many for my tall, narrow vase the other day so I started looking around the house for something else. I saw a large, empty peanut butter tub sitting in my recycle bin and pulled it out. I washed and covered it in some shiny wrapping paper. I went with a red polka dotted bow around the neck to help hold down the edge of the paper. I really love ribbons so I keep a stash on hand. I even reuse ones from Bath and Body Works!

It really brightened up my kitchen and if I get tired of that red, I could always change the look with a piece of fabric and a different ribbon.

Just a quick and easy flower container without spending any extra money! What's in your recycle bin just waiting to be discovered?

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