Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Ate WHAT???

Yesterday after I fed Savannah lunch, I let her out of her highchair and within the next 20 seconds she came running to me with crumbs in her mouth and on her hands- What was it? what did she find? I spotting a cockroach trap on the couch and immediately knew she had snacked on the tablet that sits in the middle of sticky paper to attract them!!! OH MY GOODNESS- did my little girl just eat poison??? I stuck my finger down her throat to make her gag but she never threw up! I felt horrible making her cry but this was serious! I was home alone so I called my neighbor to help drive us to the hospital. They couldn't do anything until we showed them the trap and tablet so back to the house we went to retrieve it. Then at the hospital all he ended telling us was call the poison control center and tell them the brand of the trap and they'll tell us what to do. So after a long afternoon of running here and there and tons of phone calls for my neighbor, we finally got a call back from the poison control center with this message-
"No need to worry. Those tablets are made of dried fish and sugar!" WOW- I am praising the Lord for this wake up call. Being a mommy is a new thing for me and I learned a new lesson!

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  1. I'm STILL LEARNING. I came down stairs from getting dry clothes for the kids the other day. They had JUST gotten out of the pool. I walked into the kitchen and saw Brooklynn had a liquid ant trap tipped into her mouth. I screamed for her to put it down and she smiled at me and said. It tastes good Mommy. It's yummy. I looked at the trap and it was empty. At first I thought she had drank the whole thing and was totally ready to freak. But then I saw there was a puddle of the sticky stuff on the floor... so I figured she must not have gotten to much. But I gave her a drink to help flush out her system and she seemed to be fine. But yeah... definitely going to be more careful with stuff like that around here!:)

    Dried fish with sugar is STILL pretty gross!!! UGH! Did she have fish breath?