Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Wonderful Shepherd

Have you ever thought of a scripture passage negatively?

Psalm 23

I have no one to guide my life: I am alone. I have needs that cannot be met on my own, but there is none to take pity on me. I wander aimlessly; tired and thirsty. The ground is bare and hard: there is no water in sight. My soul is restless. I cannot find a path to follow. The journey is arduous. I walk alone in this dark valley, feeling death near to me. I cry out for help but no one answers. There is no one to comfort me. I am mocked by my enemies: rejected. I look for something to eat, anything, but am refused. The cup in my hand remains dry. Guilt and fear haunt me; following me like a shadow that never leaves. Forever I am destined to wander without a place to go when needing refreshment and rest.

Now get your Bible and read what it REALLY says.

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