Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Hand in Paint

I did it!!! I am always reading blogs where people buy junk and repaint or rearrange it where it turns out beautiful and I couldn't wait to get settled in to our place to try it myself. I friend called and said her mom has a few bedroom pieces for sale and I should go check them out. We bought this for $10!

It looked like it was brushed with green stain. But this was Savannah's dresser and I wanted it white. My dad gave me European White (off-white) paint, sand paper and a brush. I had a blast working out on our back porch in the sun with my little girl discovering rocks in the dirt or playing with her Legos. Over the weekend, it turned out looking like this:

It's hard to tell, but I sanded the edges to give it that distressed look :)

Things are shaping up nicely here- some friends just GAVE us a pull-out couch and love seat. What an answer to prayer!
I also sewed curtains for my baby's room and a matching pillow for her bed-

Good times! I am trying to get my creative juices flowing!

It's raining today, I love rain.

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