Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu

I had so much fun trying out this recipe! The first time, I used a rolling pin to pound the chicken, but the second time I used my mother-in-law's heavy duty professional meat pounding gadget (actually, my hubby did the pounding!) SO, a rolling pin will work but of course, it's a substitute for the real thing. The other thing is I used a slice of Swiss cheese instead of their suggested shredded mozzarella, which just added an extra bite! I played around with the prosciutto and ham and decided I liked the cordon bleu with prosciutto instead of ham. It's a bit richer in flavor. I used seasoned bread crumbs and a can of chicken broth with roasted garlic- extra YUM!

I'll let u check out the recipe I found on my recipes to follow. It was a messy project but what a fabulous, thoughtful meal and quite uncommon, actually.

I dare you to try it!

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