Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Mommy's Lifesaver

Everyday, little Savannah, who's 13 months, sees everything in life as brand new and exciting! She does say the same things over and over again but those words are very important to her. "Button" is "belly button" and really loves finding hers AND ours! But there are some sounds she makes that I just cannot make out and she will repeat it over and over with urgency like I need to know what she's talking about. But most of her sounds are associated with a hand sign now and I just have to sing the praises of Baby Signing Time and the work they are doing for moms to better understand their little ones who can't speak yet. When we go biking, Savannah sits in front of me on her little seat. She started waving her arms back and forth and saying, "Wih wih" and since there is a song about weather, she knew what "wind" was and was enjoying it. Of course, I knew what she was saying so I started singing the "Outside Outside" song with her.

I have a Taiwanese friend here who used volume 1 and 2 DVDs with her little guy. When he was just one year old, he communicated to her that it was time to go get Big Sister from the train station! I started out by borrowing her DVDs and then my mom bought me the first 4 volumes for Savannah. She would sit there at 6 months perfectly content for 40 minutes. Her first sign was "water" and she didn't do it perfectly, but since she continued to make the hand motion every time we saw water, I soon knew that was her sign.

Thank you Baby Signing Time for helping me better communicate with my little girl!


  1. We have a smart little tooter. I definitely contribute some of her smarts to her consistent mom. You make an amazing mom. :)