Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eye Makeup Remover?

A friend of mine forgot her eye makeup remover when she was here so I showed her what I do and she thought it was interesting. So I'm going to blog about it.

We all know how expensive makeup remover can be and I just don't have the money right now to keep up with my $15 bottle + moisturizer so I googled substitutes and here what I came up with- Vaseline (petroleum jelly)! It only takes a little on each forefinger and rub it on your closed eyes.

I have designated a few wash clothes JUST for this because mascara does stain. Use a wet, warm washcloth to pat your eyes and wash your face. I just rinse out my cloth and hang dry it for the next night.

It leaves my face feeling moisturized but not greasy. I still apply face lotion as well.

It only cost me a few dollars and it has lasted for about 2 years! If I spent $15 on a bottle that would last me 3 months then I just saved $120!!

Can I buy a new outfit, Wes ? :)

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