Monday, January 3, 2011

Anyone can paint a silhouette!

I have been enjoying oil painting on canvas but can't imagine venturing out to shading and any other detailed landscapes. But when it comes to silhouettes, any one's a master! LOL

I love the idea of birds sitting on a wire so I ventured out and made one for my sister-in-law. She lives in MI so I copied off the atlas map of MI and glued it to a piece of canvas, using Mod Podge (matte).

Then I used oil paint and freaked out a few days later wondering if oil would ever dry on Mod Podge! I called a painter and she reassured me that it will, just takes a LONG TIME! Sure enough, it did. Acrylics might be the better choice next time.

I decided it looked a little drab, so I added some swirly branches and called it complete.

I then ran a coat of glue over the entire thing to give it a soft, finished look.

So there we are, two little birds chattin' it up on her turf!

My dear friend has 4 little cuties and since I am on a bird kick, I decided to create their family as birds on a line. I told her I can add a little bird with every baby she has and if needs be, I'll make another line for more birds! :)

It was also my sister's 19th birthday and she has a coolest pale purple painted room with white and back accessories. She painted bamboo on her folding closet doors so I thought of making (once again) a silhouette of bamboo on a background of purple/pink!

I did the first batch of bamboo with a smaller brush and in gray to give it a far-away appearance. And then added a few black, bigger ones in the foreground for depth. Very easy.

Once again, coating it with matte- finish mod podge.

Happy birthday, pretty sister!


  1. Amazing!! Those are beautiful!!

  2. Those are so cute! I've never tried oils on Mod Podge, so that's actually great information.