Monday, December 27, 2010

Baa Baa Black Sheep... for dinner

Let me introduce to you my sister in law, Sarah Dudley.

She is currently enrolled in a two-year program at a culinary school and is constantly sharing cooking ideas and tips with us which we all appreciate!

For Christmas, she whipped up an outrageously delicious turtle cheesecake dripping with caramel and nuts. She says she has no recipe for it either! I have never ventured out as far as that- cheesecakes scare me. I always picture the edges burning and the middle gooey. It just sounds like a lot of work to me. But this girl has got it mastered!

This week she decided to treat us with lamb. She bought 2 racks of lamb (2 lbs) for $20! It was more of a sample and we grilled chicken and steak along with it.

It took a lot of work to trim the fat and separate the chops. She lightly seasoned them and sent them out to the grill (in the snow). Oh wow! They were so good!

For the last 3 Christmas seasons we were in Taiwan decorating a fake little tree in 90 degree weather. But now we are back with family surrounded by snow and wind and for the first time in a long time I am really loving the winter season! And it's not because I love the cold- I am finally among family we love so much and missed during the holiday time.

Sarah, thanks for your friendship and we are so excited to see where this road of culinary will take you.


  1. That looks amazing!! :) It was great having you in town for the week.

  2. That cheeseCake looks so yum...