Monday, September 6, 2010

Savannah's Chalk Board Table

We had gone to IKEA and found this adorable table and chairs for Savannah. It's unfinished wood and very easy to put together. But I wanted to do something to the table like paint it- I love the idea of chalk boards and have seen some pretty sweet chalk board coffee table tops just from a can of chalk board spray paint! So I picked some up and my dear hubby and I started the project last night out in the grass.

We kept all the parts of the table in the box except for the top and taped the sides. Once it was laying on the grass, we sprayed away- layer after layer. This morning I did one final coat and then ran chalk over the whole thing before calling it quits. Once it was dusted off, I put the table together and WALA! It's is now a little doodle pad for her and her friends.

I LOVE IT! And she already has it covered in squiggles!


  1. very cute! my kids will be over to try it out sometime soon!:)

  2. This looks like waaaay too much fun!!=) Great idea.
    In reply to your comment, my brother is the singer!!=)