Friday, March 26, 2010

My Very Own Kissing Ball

I had so much fun making my own kissing ball which was inspired by Creative Jewish Mom. If you are wanting to make one, follow her instructions. I did not have a hot glue gun so I worked with thin bendable wire and beads with holes in them. I strung the wire through the beads, pinched off one end under the bead with a wire cutter and left about a 1 inch stem to poke through the center of the felt rose and then into the styrofoam ball.

It cost me about $15 dollars and a week to make during quite moments like when Savannah was happy playing by herself or taking a nap. I watched "North and South" on YouTube while rolling rose buds. WOW! I really liked it. Margret is a bit quick with voicing her opinions but stands so strong on what she believes. That Mr. Thornton is also opinionated but cruel at time... I am a real sucker for Victorian-type movies with great accents.

Here's the finished project

I'm really happy with it!

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