Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Junabug Adventure

We were invited to an Indie Show over the weekend and I took the plunge! I got a banner made up, business cards and sewed like a wild woman for a few weeks. I made matching mother-daughter aprons, stenciled burp cloths, nursing covers and crayon roll-ups. I had a small table with Mother's Day cards on it for kids to color which attracted moms. :)

It was a blast and I am happy with how much got sold. People invited us to other shows and one dear lady suggested I sell things in her shop! Something I will definitely look into to.

Here are a few places I advertise my items on-
and Facebook, "Junabug's Corner"

Let me know if there's something that interests you or need something custom made!


  1. So exciting!! Glad to hear that it went well :)

  2. so exciting! super happy for you Joonz! your whole set up AND your products were simple amazing. way to go!

  3. That is so awesome. You go girl.