Monday, March 7, 2011

And the Game Continues

Motherhood- I am constantly playing the guessing game and saying quick prayers as I work with my two year old. She is a blessing and we have so much fun together but there are moments when she needs more attention and training than, "No, no, that's not nice".

We are working on using the potty now. She just hates the feeling of a load in her diaper and even a pee will put her in squats and weird standing positions until I change her.

My cousin potty trained her son in 3 days by concentrating on his needs for 72 hours and that's all it took! He didn't want to get spider man wet again! LOL

It's taking a lot longer with this little girl. I set "potty candy" on the bathroom counter and that gets her excited. I don't know how long to do this because once she's really potty trained there's no more candy on the counter... It's really tempting to me at 8 am.

But for now she loves the "S" on each candy and thinks it is for the first letter of HER  name. Personal candy rocks, mom!

I feel like the most annoying mom in the whole world. "Do you need to go potty?" over and over again and sometimes putting her on the it without giving her a choice. But she'll thank me for this one day.

And then there are days I am really lazy and just pretend the diaper is her underwear and tell her not to go potty in them. I'm so bad! But we wash a LOT of clothes these days.

Here's to a new week of potty training!


  1. You go girl!! She'll get it sooner than you think, even if it seems like forever to you. :)

  2. We are about to start with Lydia and I am dreading it. Good luck! soph