Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nursing Covers by Junabug

I have a few friends having babies and they are planning on nursing. I loved the cover my sister-in-law made for me beside the fact that it was a modern pattern hip for any young mom, it had a "peek window" for mom to see her baby and an adjustable strap to fit your body just right. I asked her for the pattern and made a few. Here they are. I even had extra material to make matching burp cloths!

Thanks to these fabulous models of mine...

If you know of anyone that would like one, please let me know. Depending on the cost of material, I can make one starting @ $20 + matching burp cloth. :)

Happy nursing!


  1. Cool!! I remember when Leah made me model some for her for pictures... It was a bit strange! :)

  2. Awesome models - I mean awesome nursing covers!! :) I am so glad to see them finally posted!