Monday, December 13, 2010

Eggnog Love

Christmas just wouldn't feel like Christmas without eggnog and I missed it for 3 years in a row since we lived overseas but now I'm back in the land flowing with eggnog and I am taking advantage of it.

This morning I brewed a cup of tea and created something fabulous that I want to share with you all.

Make your black tea only 2/3 full.
Top it off with eggnog and stir.
Reheat , if needed.
Winter in a cup!

I have never made eggnog from scratch and I don't intend to. It doesn't sound safe and it's so much easier picking up a quart of pasteurized nog from the store anyway.

Starbucks has a delightful eggnog latte and I found a recipe online to make that! What a fun hot drink to make for friends during this holiday season.

It says you need an espresso machine with a steaming nozzle but really just warming it up over the stove or in the microwave would work just fine. You might miss out on the froth but that's all.

Here's the recipe for Starbuck's Eggnog Latte

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  1. yuck! drinking eggs just grosses me out! but glad you can enjoy lots of eggnog this Christmas! totally happy for you!:)